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What is ISAE 3000, and How is Compliance Determined?

ISAE 3000 is an international auditing standard published by the International Federation of Accountants. Clients of service providers will often request ISAE 3000 reports to learn more about the state of the operational controls that these providers are using for processing non-financial information.  Most ISAE 3000 reports will therefore analyze the adequacy of a provider’s physical security controls, information technology (IT) systems availability and uptime information, cybersecurity safeguards, user access controls, and other technology-related protocols. 

When preparing ISAE 3000 reports, auditors will provide assurances confirming the truth or falsity of providers’ claims regarding the processing integrity, security, privacy, confidentiality, and availability of their internal controls.  These reports cover many of the same topics and issues that SSAE-18 SOC 2 & 3 reports cover, although there are several differences between these auditing standards. U.S. organizations that service global clients can satisfy ISAE 3000 auditing requests by submitting SSAE-18 SOC 2 & 3 reports that are prepared in accordance with ISAE 3000 standards. ISAE 3402 reports—which are prepared under a related auditing standard used for analyzing financial data processing controls—must also be performed in compliance with ISAE 3000.

How Does ISAE 3000 Hosting Work?

Given that 80% of companies have faced data breaches, companies must show that they’re capable of protecting client data in order to secure new business and continued trust. Moving your data and software into the cloud can help you achieve this— all while saving you $3,966 monthly compared to on-site solutions. With Abacus Private Cloud, you can securely store your data on an ePHI and HIPAA-compliant hosting platform that features 256-bit AES encryption, 2FA, SSL-A-rated servers, and other industry-leading safeguards.

What Do I Need to Do to Audit and Maintain Compliance with ISAE 3000?

AbacusNext can prepare SSAE-18 SOC 2 & 3 reports for your global clients that satisfy ISAE 3000 standards.

Are there AbacusNext Clients Who Use ISAE 3000 Reports?

Absolutely! Contact us to see how AbacusNext can help you meet your auditing requirements.

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