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Head shot of Keri Gohman

Keri Gohman

Chief Executive Officer
Head shot of Jennifer Sherman

Jennifer Sherman

Chief Product & Experience Officer
Head shot of Mike Summers

Mike Summers

Chief People Officer
Head shot of Arik Moav

Arik Moav

Chief Financial Officer
Head shot of Greg Reynolds

Greg Reynolds

Chief Technology Officer
Head shot of Fred Cohen

Fred Cohen

Chief Legal Strategy Officer / Chief Executive Officer Zola
Head shot of Kevin Gallagher

Kevin Gallagher

General Manager, Payments
Head shot of Eric Hart

Eric Hart

General Counsel
Head shot of James O’Connell-Cooper

James O’Connell-Cooper

SVP, Marketing
Head shot of Thomas “TJ” Schoessow

Thomas “TJ” Schoessow

SVP, Technology & Business Systems
Head shot of Trey Watts

Trey Watts

SVP, Sales
Head shot of Jeff Allison

Jeff Allison

SVP, Customer Operations
Head shot of Andy Burner

Andy Burner

SVP, People Strategy
Head shot of Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Johnson

SVP, Business Transformation
Head shot of Vlad Katsovich

Vlad Katsovich

VP, Engineering
Head shot of Lisa Hasen

Lisa Hasen

VP, Marketing
Head shot of Karen Fleck

Karen Fleck

VP, Accounting
Head shot of Richard Ramey

Richard Ramey

VP, Revenue Operations

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