Photo of Eric Cutler

Eric Cutler

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

With over 18 years of monetization experience in retail and enterprise markets, and a proven history of developing projects that spur growth in new revenue and brand recognition, Cutler has been at the heart of AbacusNext's incredible growth in his role as Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. He has designed and managed the build out of business intelligence and automated lead generation platforms, while overseeing a team of over 70 sales and marketing professionals.

In addition to his role as CSMO, Cutler manages strategic partner relationships including Microsoft, Veeam, Intuit, Sophos and Skykick. Prior to being a part of AbacusNext, Eric held a number of executive roles across a wide variety of industries, including Vice President of R&D with BitBox LLC, Chief Marketing Officer for Sunfood, Editor-in-Chief of, and Director of Business Development for American Internet Services.