major horton

Major Horton

Chief Financial Officer

Major Horton, chief financial officer, was recruited to Abacus Data Systems in early 2016. Major built his earlier career leading financial strategy for Fortune-ranked cloud storage, data center, and hardware companies. With the right mix of technology industry experience and financial acumen, he immediately integrated into the company, driving the business forward with vision and financial leadership.

Major’s initial project with Abacus intertwined two strategic shifts. Internally, the company had pivoted to become the #1 private cloud solution in the legal industry and other verticals. On the customer side, the company focused on attracting customers seamlessly and continuously, especially late adopters accustomed to buying a static technology product. Thus, Major structured an MRR (monthly recurring revenue, or subscription-driven) model to support this new business strategy and its growing customer base. He reframed the company’s financial systems and practices to support customer lifetime value, retention, and satisfaction. Investors, stakeholders, and the overall marketplace have come to trust the company’s strong infrastructure, particularly as the organization expands into new verticals. With his strategic leadership in similar rapid-growth, high-potential IT organizations, the company is eminently prepared to expand revenue in the legal space and beyond. Says Major about Abacus’s market opportunity, “Process upgrade is in my DNA.”

Of his recent work with Abacus, Major notes, “It helps when you can do what you love, and I truly enjoy the whole financial analysis and governance process, and taking the company’s data and making sense of it all—getting to the core of it, distilling it all, and defining the right next steps.” To that end, Major proudly leads a multifaceted financial strategy team, focusing on driving Abacus’ business into the future. Major has coached his finance group to implement best practices for cloud services. At the same time, he collaborates extensively with the executive team, many with whom he has had longstanding professional relationships, providing metrics-driven finance strategies that will keep pace with the organization’s growth.

Prior to being part of Abacus’ executive team, Major held a variety of similar finance leadership and entrepreneurship positions, most recently as a successful finance consultant. Earlier roles include executive roles as vice president and CFO with Nirvanix; senior vice president, CFO, and treasurer with Rackspace Managed Hosting, during its pre-public phase; vice president and general manager for Dell Financial Services as it matured as a public company; and Allied Signal. He began his career with Deloitte & Touche as a consultant specializing in operational restructuring and financial planning for global companies.

Major holds a BSME in mechanical engineering from Kettering University and an SM from MIT, Sloan School of Management.