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The COVID-19 pandemic has sown uncertainty in how legal and accounting professionals will continue to practice in the coming months and even years, and hackers have seized on the chaos of the moment to escalate online attacks. Preying on your firm’s duty to protect sensitive client information while isolating and working remotely, cyber-criminals have stepped up their attacks five fold since the pandemic began.

In this webinar, we’ll describe how Abacus Private Cloud is designed to empower safe and secure remote work environments and protect your firm by enforcing cyber security best practices at the infrastructure level. That means your firm is better prepared to ward off attacks and even recover from them by combining real-time monitoring and AI based malware protections. We’ll even share a video of an actual ransomware attack so you understand how fast they happen and how devastating they can be. Learn how a private cloud would immediately enhance your firm’s security and how it can support your success as the country reopens and recovers.

Thomas “TJ” Schoessow, VP, Technology
Tomas Suros, Director, Global Product Marketing