Take control of your firm with the #1 law practice management software on Capterra

AbacusLaw, the leading legal practice management software for the past 35 years, gives you the easy-to-use tools you need to simplify your workflows and empower your firm, including case management, time tracking, billing, and accounting operations. Coupling that with our Private Cloud solutions empowers you to work from anywhere, anytime.

  • Organize Your Entire Firm
    Never scramble for information related to your matters again. See all the important details and dates at a glance.
  • Capture More Billing Opportunities
    Don’t miss out on another billable hour. Easily track every email, phone call, and client interaction.
  • Customize to Fit Your Firm’s Needs
    Our Practice Area Legal Solutions (”PALS”) enhance AbacusLaw by adding custom reports, input screens, automation rules, documents, special input forms, and specific terminology for your area of expertise.

Fully integrated Case Management, Time Tracking, Billing & Accounting Solutions

Case Management
  • Case Management

Working in multiple platforms is a hassle. Our Legal Technology Experts assess your firm’s needs, and design and implement customized solutions that give you effortless results. Your matters stay secure, whether you need local or cloud-based solutions. It’s like having your own AbacusLaw support team working behind the scenes while you and your colleagues focus on what you do best: practice law.

Time Tracking
  • Time Tracking

While you work, AbacusLaw keeps track of your time in the background. The benefit? You can bill more time with ease. Our recording technology is accurate and intuitive, so no matter which activity you’re completing, you won’t lose a single second of billable time.

  • Billing

Good billing is all in the details. Automatically generate professional, templated invoices for any fee arrangement or billing schedule. Customize templates to the exact configurations you need, and let AbacusLaw do the work. It creates your chart of accounts, formats your bills and fee arrangements, and maintains your billing schedule with the precision you’d expect from an experienced accountant.

Rules Based Calendaring
  • Rules Based Calendaring

Scheduling your appointments and deadlines can take as much time as completing them. When you accommodate the appropriate Federal, State and Local court rules, the seconds add up. Until now. AbacusLaw features an organized calendar that automatically and accurately schedules all critical deadlines, and keeps you up to date with last-minute changes—all on the devices you use most.

Form Generation
  • Form Generation

Skip the tedious process of manually generating forms. AbacusLaw creates accurate, signature-ready forms in minutes by automatically merging information already in your database. Our smart forms auto-populate for you, while a cadre of tools enables you to create personalized templates. Whether you’re looking for forms for a specific region or state, or for your particular practice area, you can find it here, or build a form that fits your matters like a well-tailored suit.

Mobile Access
  • Mobile Access

Running a law firm takes you away from the office, and clients depend on you to be dynamic and flexible. Access your matters, calendar, contacts, notes, emails, and documents from your mobile device with AbacusLaw. The mobile time tracker lets you capture every billable moment, from the unexpected phone call to the urgent client email, and everything in between.

AbacusLaw Integrates with Apps You Use Every Day

No one works in a silo, and neither does the best case management software. We’ve enabled AbacusLaw to work in collaboration with apps curated specifically for the everyday tasks you face in your legal practice.

AbacusLaw Integrations