Ring up More Sales with Abacus Private Cloud Hosting QuickBooks POS

Throughout the years that AbacusNext has been supporting accountants and their business clients of all shapes and sizes, one of the most in-demand hosted applications has been QuickBooks Point of Sale, also known as POS. With Abacus Private Cloud, we’re ready to exceed your cloud hosted POS expectations with the industry’s best QuickBooks cloud hosting Point of Sale solution, tailor-made for each and every unique retail, POS, and accounting needs.

Did You Know? AbacusNext is the only QuickBooks Solution Provider to offer QuickBooks POS financing.

In partnership with Intuit, we have created a customized version of our award-winning private cloud for professionals, specifically for clients that use QuickBooks Point of Sale software and hardware. Utilizing our secure hosting, locally hosted registers are transformed into cloud-connected devices, with the benefit of securely storing business data in the cloud, and unlocking mobility functionality that includes accessing POS & QuickBooks data remotely for line busters, trade shows, route sales, as well as remote management visibility.

Cloud hosted QuickBooks Point of Sale allows for the capability to sync all orders, inventory, customer lists, employee records (such as time clock history, payroll management and security), and payroll information, in to your QuickBooks Accounting software with the click of a single button using the End of Day Procedure feature. This allows users to perform all their accounting functions from QuickBooks rather than having to re-enter everything done in POS back into their accounting software, preventing double the work, and thus double the costs of paying staff or outsourced accounting.

Benefits of Hosting QuickBooks Point of Sale in the Abacus Private Cloud

  with Abacus Private Cloud Hosting with On-Premise
24x7 Access
Deploy New Registers Fast
Take Registers Mobile
Mgmt Mobility Access
No CapEx Needed
No IT Maintenance
24x7 Data Security
Built-in Backups
Built-in Disaster Recovery
Built-in Business Continuity

Your QuickBooks Point of Sale Hosted inside Abacus Private Cloud

“Abacus Private Cloud is the answer to everything I needed!

Now that all of my systems work together and are managed and supported by one team of experts, I can spend my time focusing on my clients, instead of dealing with IT headaches.”

— Tammy Hussin, Carlsbad, CA

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Multi-Store Cloud Hosted QuickBooks Point of Sale

Cloud hosted QuickBooks Point of Sale also allows for multiple lanes or multiple locations to use just one centralized database, which allows your stores you take multiple orders at any given time without the hassle of long lines, which increases customer satisfaction.

Do your stores have their own, separate database? Not a problem! Do your stores have their own unique QuickBooks Accounting company data? We have you covered. Each instance QuickBooks Point of Sale allows you to sync data to any company file that you bring to Abacus Private Cloud.

Cloud hosted QuickBooks Point of Sale creates a streamlined work-process, which provides the user with a one-stop platform for all accounting needs. The ease of use created by having both Cloud based QuickBooks Accounting software along with the POS application hosted by Abacus Private Cloud, rather than the two being separate, puts a stop to end-user confusion, and prevents users from entering in financial information twice, both limiting employee costs and improving productivity.

So if you have a brand new store, or a chain thereof, that you’re looking to get off the ground, or you’re already bringing customers in droves to your store, Abacus Private Cloud is your solution for all next-gen QuickBooks Point of Sale needs.

QuickBooks POS Hosting Now With Mobile Access

With QuickBooks POS hosting, business operators can also easily accept credit card transactions via smart-phones or tablets, so its natively mobile, allowing shopkeepers and retailers to transact commerce anywhere—from the middle of an eatery, to a vendor booth at a conference, or a delivery at a job site. All smart device originated transaction and inventory updates instantly synced to QuickBooks POS hosted on Abacus Private Cloud.

Our award-wining QuickBooks POS hosting gives business operators several advantages, including having 20+ locations use the same POS database to better organize sales and inventory in real time. Moving POS to QuickBooks cloud hosting also frees businesses from the burden of managing IT and provides for anywhere/anytime 24/7 access to their critical sales data—all integrated seamlessly with QuickBooks, even with multiple business locations connected.

AbacusNext is offering a subscription-based Point of Sale cloud-hosting plan that includes our leading cloud-hosting services, free support, and QuickBooks Point of Sale software leases for a single low monthly subscription. We also offer customized private cloud solutions for businesses to host all your applications, data and users in a single Virtual Office.

Moving QuickBooks POS Hosting to the Cloud

Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale software organizes and tracks sales, customer information, and inventory counts. AbacusNext’s QuickBooks POS hosting includes improvements in the navigation and user interface, as well as a valuable new mobile sync feature. Combined with AbacusNext’s private cloud solution, on Abacus Private Cloud (APC), the newest version of Intuit’s POS software offers an unparalleled advantage to account for and synchronize multiple business locations from a single bank-level secure access point.

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