San Diego, CA – December 17, 2009  -With the release of Abacus Personal Injury Specialty Version, law offices in this specialty can do things available in no other single program:
INTAKE WIZARDS: Start new cases quickly and accurately with automated PI intake wizards. Our single entry system minimizes delays, data validation reduces mistakes, new case rules improve case workflow and our integrated conflict checks reduce errors.
CASE-FLOW RULES: Reduce case delay and keep your PI cases moving forward with case-flow rules.
CASE DASHBOARD: Get a concise summary of case status and quickly access case data from the case dashboard.
DOCUMENT AND FORM GENERATION: Reduce mistakes and wasted time by auto-filling your PI documents and forms.
CASE CALCULATORS: Analyze medical, settlement, negotiation and wage numbers quickly with Excel based case calculators.
Abacus President Judd Kessler explained his company’s development of this specialty version: “Personal injury cases involve a high volume of interconnected data, including facts, people, events, documents, forms, correspondence and email. Successful firms efficiently handle this data, which prevents case bottlenecks, delays, malpractice risk and lost revenue.  We created Abacus Personal Injury to help attorneys organize data and streamline case workflow.”