San Diego, CA – May 17, 2011 – With the release of Abacus Business Law, attorneys in this practice area can now easily help their clients form new businesses and modify existing companies by automating the production of routine documents and forms and scheduling important case deadlines with custom workflow rules.
Using Abacus Business Law, successful business attorneys will:
Reduce Errors in Document & Form Production: Abacus Business Law automatically fills out your documents and forms using information from your existing database. Reduce errors by never cutting and pasting information again. 
Eliminate Case Bottlenecks and Delays:  Custom reports tell you which activities need to be completed, next while pre-programmed workflow rules (with documents linked to events) schedule important events for you so you’ll never wonder what you need to be doing or when.
Create more business opportunities: Abacus Business Law gives you the ability to advise your clients on what they need to do once their business is formed, creating opportunities to do more for the same clients.
Abacus President Judd Kessler, Esq. said: “Once complete, all business formations require additional steps in order stay in compliance with state and Federal rules and regulations. Abacus Business Law gives business lawyers the tools to anticipate the future needs of their clients and gain their repeat business.”