San Diego, CA – November 3, 2010 – With the release of Abacus Bankruptcy, law offices in this practice area can do things available in no other single program:
Keep all data organized: Abacus Bankruptcy is equipped with specialized Matter screens to help track all details of your bankruptcy cases including information about exempt assets, their creditors and co-debtors. You can associate an unlimited number of creditors with any matter and specify their notice location and claim data.
Intake forms: Enter data for the case and parties in a single window to easily populate Matter and Name records as well as schedule events.
Track multiple claims: Abacus Bankruptcy enables you to track up to 3 claims for each creditor. Each claim can be categorized as secured, unsecured or have a priority attached.
Joint bankruptcy: Track a second party as the co-debtor.
Legal calendaring: Customized rules include Scheduling a Rule 2004 Examination, Scheduling a 341 Creditor’s Meeting, New Debtor Client, New Chapter 13 Petition, New Chapter 7 Petition, and Request to Sell Chapter 13 Estate Property. Easily and accurately calendar deadline reminders to ensure nothing falls behind or falls through the cracks.
Custom reports: Abacus Bankruptcy reports are customized to give you specific information about your bankruptcy cases to ensure you are meeting deadlines. Reports include the What’s Next Report and Unfiled Petitions Report, as well as the Source Report to help target precious client procurement funds.
Abacus President Judd Kessler explained his company’s development of this specialty version: “Whether you’re handling a no-asset Chapter 7 or a full blown Chapter 13 case, Abacus Bankruptcy keeps all of your case details and documents organized and allows you to confidently meet all deadlines by keeping all of your appointments in one legal calendar. We have specialized Matter screens to display vital financial and contact information for creditors, debtors and trustees.”