San Diego, CA – November 2, 2009 -With the release of AbacusLaw 2010, law offices can now do even more to organize and simplify their practice. Here’s a sampling of the feature enhancements:
Grab and Add: Create new contacts in Abacus without typing. Copy any name and/or address from another program, document, website or email signature block. “Add from Clipboard” to have Abacus automatically create a new contact record.
Open multiple windows simultaneously: You can see more than one Name, Event, or Matter window at a time, to jump between tasks or compare records.
Synch with newer smartphones: Abacus is now compatible with Palm Desktop 6x and Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.2-5.0.
Administrators can prevent access to Abacus to make changes to the server, perform other updates or run a backup. No need to go to every workstation to log Abacus users off the network.
Save and Log: The new save and log feature establishes a unified naming convention and path for saving word processing documents and forms. No more having to manually set up case folders.
Lightning fast search for text in the notes field: If you’ve used Notes for certain data, but never created a searchable field for it, now you can quickly find them.
Abacus President Judd Kessler explained his company’s work on the new version: “AbacusLaw development is always focused on the latest technological trends, ensuring our customers can meet the needs and challenges they face today. Attorneys like the comfort of using our software and the reliability in accessing and protecting their data. AbacusLaw 2010 expands all of these attributes.”