San Diego, CA – December 6, 2010 -With the release of AbacusLaw 2011, law offices can now do even more to simplify and organize their practices. Here’s a sampling of the feature enhancements:
Case snapshot: See a chronological list of all case activities that have transpired (notes, events, emails, linked docs) for every name or matter, giving you an overview of what is going on with a case.
Full text search: Instantly retrieve and review documents using the new search bar. Simply enter desired keywords and you’ll get a list of all the documents that include those words linked in AbacusLaw.
Bill for documents: Just as you bill for notes and events, you can now bill for documents. Simply enter the time spent in the “duration” field and click “bill”.
Delete accounting entries: Make a mistake in accounting? You can now easily delete entries while maintaining an audit trail of all changes.
Centrally organize your templates and forms: The Forms Library now goes beyond just PDF court forms to include word processing templates.Easily produce Word or WordPerfect forms and centralize all of your mail merge activities.
Quickly link documents to your AbacusLaw program: In Windows Explorer, the right-click menu now includes the option to send documents to your AbacusLaw program. Specify the name or matter you’d like the document associated with for maximum organization and easy retrieval.
Abacus President Judd Kessler explained his company’s work on the new version: “All legal cases involve high volumes of interconnected data pertaining to people, places and events. The Abacus development team is focused on providing our customers with a user-friendly program that enables them to keep all data neatly organized for optimal efficiency. AbacusLaw 2011 highlights the document handling and organization capabilities of our software.”