The Newly Released Abacus Contracts Gives Attorneys in This Practice Area the Tools to Handle the High Stakes Involved With Contract Formation and Litigation


San Diego, CA – May 30, 2013 – With the release of Abacus Contracts, attorneys in this practice area now have the tools to both draft contracts and represent plaintiffs or defendants when a contract is breached or becomes subject to dispute.



Other practice management software isn’t built to handle the high stakes involved with contract litigation disputes and contract formation. When you try to configure other programs for your needs, they don’t measure up and you’re left to pick up the pieces. For example, there is no way to quickly see all causes of action, elements and affirmative defenses. So you have to search through various documents and spreadsheets looking for the information you need.  And you can’t build your own court rules so you’re stuck manually counting deadlines on your fingers.


Abacus Contracts comes pre-configured to help streamline your cases with features including:


3 custom matter screens for different types of cases: Client-plaintiff, client-defendant and client-multiple parties


8 intake forms: Start new cases quickly and accurately by entering case details and letting AbacusLaw setup your case file and correctly establish workflow by calendaring upcoming deadlines and assigning tasks.


Over 20 sample pleadings and other documents: Use information already in your database to fill out your documents and forms quickly, easily and accurately. Sample pleadings include complaint – breach of contract, specific performance, breach of implied covenant and good faith, fair dealing and injunctive relief.


Statute of limitation calendar rules: Included rules are new contracts case and breach of contract statute of limitation rules for Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. Use our rules out-of-the-box or create your own as your practice dictates.


Over 100 reports including the Chronology report: See case facts in chronological order, with issues, sources, and legal analysis attached to each fact record. You not only know what happened when, but why it matters to the case, making your analysis of the fact’s value and its impact on your client’s rights much easier.


Abacus President Judd Kessler, Esq. said “Unlike other generic software programs, Abacus Contracts helps you recognize and organize the factual and legal strengths/weaknesses of any contract dispute including government contracts, sales contracts, real estate purchase and sale agreements, disputes between shareholders and partners, employment contract disputes, and more.