Start with a list of your clients. See all their WIP, A/R, trust and retainer balances – at a glance. If a client has multiple matters with you, the balances are totaled – or you can click to see them broken down by matter. You can do much of your billing work right from the clients list if you want. Create new time and expense entries. Generate bills. Receive payments. Create reminder statements. Identify problem clients.

Just click to bring up a client’s details including posted and unposted time, total revenue, when the last bill was issued and when the latest payment was received. Choose the layout for their bills, and the frequency they are billed on.

Amicus Attorney Billing enables you to be more responsive to your clients’ requests for information on their file. With all their billing information seamlessly woven into their case file and available to you in real time, you’re always ready to respond to an inquiry. You don’t have to write small sticky-notes anymore to remind yourself to get back to a client after they’ve requested particular information from their file. Right during the call you can view a client’s file, see his up-to-date account information, his current accounts receivable balance, which bills were sent, and what payments were made. Then get back to whatever else you were doing.

Enhance your firm’s efficiency and client service.