Amicus Attorney Files contain all the professional information about each client matter you are working on. With Amicus Attorney Billing, just click the toggle, and you can see all the billing information too. All in one place.

With Amicus Attorney Billing, the Files index is much more than a list of your files. It’s also a snapshot of their financial position, all at a glance. It’s terrifically convenient to be able to see everything together. Flexible filters allow you to refine the list in many ways – display the lists by clients or files that owe you money or have work in progress and much more.  Gain instant insight into your practice – without even needing to run reports. Real time billing information, while you work, where you work!

You can do much of your billing work right from the files index if you want. Create new time and expense entries. Generate bills. Receive payments. Create reminder statements. Powerful yet so simple.

Just click on a file to see all the underlying details, including all transactions, fees, expenses, bills, related files and so much more. Amicus Attorney Billing provides you with instant access to all financial transactions that have occurred on any given file. It also lets you set many preferences for the billing behavior of each file if you want.

The financial side of your practice is under control and at your fingertips.