Clients don’t always pay promptly. No one likes chasing them, but staying on top of who is overdue, and prompting them to make their payment, is an essential part of a financially successful practice. Amicus helps.

Amicus can alert you when A/R balances are too large or too old. With a few clicks you can send a reminder statement on a single file, or on all files at once that are overdue. You draft how you want your reminder statements to read. You can have as many formats as you like, and have them automatically used on the files where they are appropriate. Interest can be applied according to your preference. 

Simplify receipts

Getting paid is great, but there’s work involved. Amicus Attorney Billing makes it simple. As the money comes in, it just takes a few clicks to record, cross-reference, distribute and allocate. All the relevant balances are instantly shown and adjusted with the payment, funds can go in and out of retainer and a receipt printed.  You can also pay directly from a retainer or trust account after a bill has been created or at the time of billing.

So you get all the accounting done quickly and accurately, with the payment reflected everywhere it needs to be. Anywhere the bill shows, the payment against it is now reflected.

The way it should be.