Our lives are filled with documents. Contracts. Deeds. Mortgages. Pleadings. Transcripts. Filings. Registrations. Wills. Forms. So many more. All so important to the practice of law. But they can be overwhelming to keep track of!

Amicus Attorney gives you tremendous help in managing your documents. Amicus puts a toolbar right inside Word®, Excel®, Acrobat® and more. So from right inside your document you can just click to attach it to the file it relates to in Amicus. Or drag and drop it from Explorer. Or just save it to the file’s folder. Ever after, you can find it whenever you need it. Anyone else in your firm who is working on that file can see it as well.

Search through all your documents to find anything you need. Find any word in any document on any file. Vaguely recall that sometime in the past you gave an opinion concerning estoppel? Find it again in a flash. View it with a click.

Do you use DropBox®? Amicus creates folders for all your matters in it, so when you add a document to that folder it appears in Amicus – automatically associated with the correct client file. They’re treated like any other Amicus document, so you can search them, add notes and more.

Best of all, you have the ability to access and work on documents regardless of where you are or what device you use – any computer or tablet. So effectively your iPad will always have every document on every file you are working on. Now that’s convenient.

Information at your fingertips.