What database does Amicus Attorney use?

Amicus uses Microsoft® SQL as its underlying database. SQL is renowned as the world’s leading database – the gold standard in security, reliability and scalability. With your vital firm information stored in SQL, you can have confidence that it is safe and always accessible to you.

Does Amicus Attorney have an Outlook link?

Absolutely. Anything you put in Outlook appears in Amicus, and vice versa. Which means anything you have connected to Outlook – like your smartphone – shares information with Amicus as well.

Does Amicus Attorney have a Google link?

Yes – appointments and contacts can be linked to your Google account with a bi-directional link that includes automatic polled synchronization.

Can we customize Amicus to match what we need in our particular practice?

Absolutely. Amicus Attorney has terrific customization capabilities. You can create an unlimited number of custom fields to track whatever you want on files and contacts. Custom records too, with custom list views including running totals and more – so you can virtually track any type of information you like, all within the context of your practice management. Many other aspects of the program are customizable too.

Can I use Amicus Attorney on a Mac?

Yes, if you have a PC emulator like Parallels®. Or you can use Safari to work with much of your practice information.

Is there a smartphone “app” for Amicus Attorney?

Yes, there is a special Amicus “app” that runs in a browser on your smartphone. It helps you track your billable time, and records it real-time in your Amicus.