Better Teamwork

Amicus helps everyone in your firm work together. Common information means that everyone is on the same page – and can work on the same matter simultaneously. Collaborative workflows and delegation systems simplify knowing who has to do what when. Internal messaging gives colleagues instant alerts. There’s even a firm directory, and an availability system to help you know who’s in the office or in a meeting, and what their workload is like.

Integrated information is very powerful, but there are also things that need to be kept private. With Amicus Attorney you can set security controls on individual items, and each member of your firm can have a different profile that determines what they can see and do.  

Teamwork and collaboration has never been easier.

Better Teamwork, Better Business

Understanding the business of your firm is the first step to improving it. One of the great capabilities of Amicus is that, as it helps you manage each matter and each element of your practice, it is building up a picture of your practice as a whole. With a click you can get an overview and analysis of your personal practice, or the firm as a whole. Gain insight into things like what areas of practice are most profitable, or where your work is coming from. Set a goal for your billable hours, and see how you are doing against your goal, and compared to last year.

Grow your law firm.