If you can re-use elements of previous research, opinions, factums, drafting and similar items, then you can practice more efficiently and get extra value out of previous work. Easily said, but often much harder to be organized to actually accomplish. Amicus Attorney will help.

The Library in Amicus Attorney is a unique knowledge management tool that integrates legal research into your client matter files and the balance of your practice. As you store your work on a file, it is also centralized in the Library, so your knowledge base grows almost as a by-product of your billable work.

The Library is also a firm-wide repository for research and expertise. You can store information in personal and firm-accessible sections that grow with your practice. It can also act as a gateway to online legal research and other resources and allows you to track access to paid services. The incredibly flexible organization structure can be tailored to your specific needs. All library information can be filtered and searched.

Integration of all elements of your practice makes Amicus so much more powerful than stand-alone tools.