It’s a fact that billing clients regularly results in more collected revenue and fewer client issues than if you wait to bill each client separately at the end of their case. That’s why Amicus Attorney Billing makes it easy to bill many clients at once.

Bill all open files, or pick the list you want. Tell Amicus how you want the bills to be drafted, then with a single click you will generate them all. A magic button that makes month-end so much easier!

You can mass bill directly from your client list, file list or select different criteria by which to bill by such as; responsible lawyer, file type and billing category. Have Amicus go through all your files and bill only those that have a minimum WIP balance, or choose to bill Files that have an outstanding balance and more.

When the bills are created, each file’s billing preferences will automatically apply. If you have flat fee or contingency cases they will billed according to the way you have set up the file.  You don’t have to do this manually. Send your bills to Draft where they can be reviewed and edited or send them directly to final where they can be printed and/or emailed to your clients.

Automated mass billing gets your bills out quicker, easier and more accurately.