Amicus helps you to get organized and get things done. It’s your ultimate To-Do list. The Amicus Tasks module is so fast and easy – just type and hit return – a task is created. Editing in place means there are no extra dialogs or wasted clicks.

Each line becomes a “To Do” in Amicus so you will never lose track of it. Your tasks will remind you wherever you need them – e.g. the client file, your calendar or your To Do list. They’re in Outlook too – plus all the devices you connect to Outlook, like your smartphone.

But that’s just the start. Manage deadlines – with stringent warnings as they approach. Limitation periods too. Track how long each item has been pending. Schedule Bring Forwards. Sort and set priorities. Have items increase in priority as they get older. Delegate tasks to others and monitor their status.

View tasks for anyone in your workgroup, or use custom task profiles to include who, how and what tasks to display. There is even a TimeLine view to display Tasks chronologically across the screen. You can link related tasks so that they are scheduled in relation to each other.

Better yet, Amicus will actually do some of your tasks for you. Click the unique Amicus DO button and Amicus will actually do it – draft a document, make a phone call, start legal research and much more.

When you mark something done, Amicus rewards you with a complete time entry – you don’t have to type a thing.