Our law practice is both a profession and a business. Amicus provides you with one integrated solution for managing both.

You don’t have to look at two different systems – it’s all in one place. The seamless integration provides unprecedented visibility, control, and the best possible workflow.

When you add Amicus Attorney Billing, Amicus gives you two views on your practice – professional (Attorney) and business (Billing). Both are always present. No matter what you are doing, you can simply toggle back and forth to see what you need.

Integration has many advantages:

  •  One product with one database
  •  Information goes in once, and does not have to be linked or duplicated
  •  Better workflow
  •  Fewer steps to get anything done
  •  Staff training is easier, because it’s a common system
  •  Internal systems are simplified too
  •  All practice information is always at your fingertips
  •  Better client service
  •  Less work for you and your staff
  •  More reliable
  •  One source for support and updates and one number to call
  •  Most importantly, an integrated system is a better solution. By combining the professional and business sides of your practice, you get a better perspective and can manage your entire practice easier and more effectively.

Amicus helps you make better, more informed decisions on managing your practice.