Manage trust accounts and meet trust account obligations using Amicus Attorney Billing. At a glance, view all activity going on and account for every dollar by file in multiple trust accounts. You can save time by creating and allocating transactions to many files at once. Manage all your trust accounts in one place, or deal with them separately on the client or file record they relate to.

Selected options ensure you never overdraw on a client’s trust balance.  Trust balances can be used to automatically pay for new charges at billing and appear on the client’s bill.  You can even request minimum trust retainer balances for files and have the replenishment request appear on the bill.

Transfer trust funds between files, or apply funds to bills when appropriate. All with just a few clicks.

Another way Amicus makes you more efficient. And confident that this essential aspect of your practice is managed as it must be.

General Retainers

It’s good practice to obtain retainers from your clients. Amicus lets you receive them in either in Trust or in the Firm’s Operating account (General Retainer).   Amicus makes the accounting side of retainers easy. Better yet, it makes applying retainers to your bills almost automatic, so you can be paid as soon as the bill is issued. You can see at a glance all the retainers you hold, and easily identify files with WIP and money on retainer – so the WIP becomes instant revenue once you bill your clients. Retainer balances can be automatically maintained, so as they are reduced, a retainer refresh request appears on the client’s bill.