Credenza Pro is a hybrid-cloud solution. When you work with other users in a Team, it synchronizes via the Internet, so as long as you can access the Internet you can stay connected with the other users. The synchronization happens behind the scenes to make sure that you are always up to date. A central secure database looks after changes team-wide and your computers don't need to be in the same office or even city to stay connected. Of course, you can still use Credenza even without any connection to the web; you just won't see any changes made by your fellow Team members until the next time you connect.

Credenza helps you work better as a team with the ability to share File information. By collaborating you cut down on duplication and ensure that everyone is always up to date with the most recent information.

Credenza runs in Outlook where you already spend a big chunk of your day. With a central database you can collaborate from anywhere in the world, and have all the advantages of a cloud application. By leveraging Outlook, Credenza provides far deeper functionality than any browser-based practice management tool ever could. The result is the best of both worlds