While Credenza allows you to organize all the Outlook information, practice information like phone calls and time entries, and many background details about your various Files, there is often a need to track additional information above and beyond the standard fields. For this reason each Credenza File has a custom tab, where you can keep track of whatever extra information you want. This creates tremendous flexibility for managing your practice.


Credenza allows you to track custom information according to file types. So you can track different information on different types of Files. For example, if you are a lawyer you might want to track court information in a litigation file, and property information in a real estate file.


With Credenza it is easy to create custom fields and control the layout of the pages. Just drag-and-drop the necessary fields in the Editor, and you’ll see the selected fields on the custom tab for all Files of that type. Whether you want to record text or numbers, use drop-down lists or check boxes, Credenza offers a wide range of custom field options to meet your needs.


The ability to record additional custom information about your various Files means that Credenza can truly organize all of your relevant File information. Custom field information is included in File print outs, and custom text and memo fields can be searched if necessary. The customization options add another level to what you can do with Credenza.