Credenza enhances the way you work with Outlook tasks in a similar way to appointments and email as described above. Your tasks have extra dimensions through their association with Files, and when they are completed you can do a Time Entry for them automatically or with a single click.

Credenza adds two new columns to the various Outlook task lists. One column displays the File that the task has been associated with, and the other indicates whether or not a Time Entry has been recorded for that particular task.

You can see at a glance what File any given task is on, and whether or not a Time Entry has been done. The Credenza toolbar at the top helps you take action on a selected task directly from the list. Or you can right-click or open the task to work with its Credenza elements.

Tasks on Files
Opening the tasks tab in a File will display all of the tasks relating to that File. This provides a very useful cross-section of your tasks for each separate File, and helps you organize yourself by project. View a list of completed and outstanding tasks even if no start or due date has yet been recorded. You can do anything with tasks on Files that you could in the main Outlook lists.

Automatic Time Entries
Credenza can automatically do a Time Entry for you each time you complete a task on a billable file. Or if you prefer, you can have it remind you to do a Time Entry whenever you finish a task. Or of course you can turn off this feature altogether if you don’t generally want to do Time Entries for your tasks.

When it does a Time Eentry for a task, Credenza will automatically fill in all the pertinent information for you, which you can then accept or edit as you like.

Sharing Task Lists
When using Credenza in a Team you can view the shared task lists of other users. For instance your assistant could view all of your tasks that have been associated with a File. Even if you are out of the office your assistant can create a task for you. You’ll see that it on your list when you get back to the office. Tasks can be moved from one person’s list to another simply by dragging and dropping. You can take advantage of these shared task lists with or without Microsoft Exchange.

Of course, you can still use task requests between members of your Team, but with the shared task list you have a better idea of when another person may have some more time, or when they look like they already have enough on their plate.

Mobile Tasks
Credenza also makes it easy to associate tasks created on your smartphone with the appropriate File. Simply type the name of the File into the notes field of the task on your phone. When the task goes into Outlook it will be added to that File. Of course if you don’t want to type the information in on the mobile device, you can always make the association with just a click when you next run Outlook. Credenza has you covered whether you are in the office or on the road.

Many people use the Outlook task list to keep track of everything that needs to be done. By allowing you to record your tasks with the appropriate client Files, you’ll be even more organized. Add to that the fact that you can quickly create Time Entries for each of your tasks, and the benefits of Credenza really start to add up.