Credenza makes it easy to do research and store the details in the Files they relate to. When placed alongside all your emails, appointments and other items relating to each File, you see the complete picture. Need to cite references or resources for an ongoing file or project? Its all at your fingertips on the Research tab on the File.

Research Articles
You can track individual research articles with a separate entry for each reference. Link to online resources and record notes about each one. Create time entries for the time spent doing the research.

Research Assistant
Credenza makes it easy to do online research from within Outlook. Use the Research Assistant to search across Google Scholar and Google Legal, plus standard Google and Bing. When you find an article or page of interest, you can save it to a research article with just a click.

Use the Research Assistant to track down the online resources and save the results to Research Articles on the appropriate Files. Credenza makes it easier to store and reference all your research.