Credenza works with and expands the functionality of all your existing Outlook contacts. Your Files in Credenza will display the related contacts and the role they play on each. Contacts can be associated to multiple Files, so there is never a need to duplicate any contact details.

If you choose to collaborate with others in a Team then you can share contact details with your colleague or assistant, so everyone has consistent information.

You can work with contact information right on the File, or take actions related to them. Draft a new email message, record a phone call, schedule an appointment, or create a task for the contact. The new record will be associated with the File you are working on, and will reflect the correct contact. Double-click to see the full Outlook contact information.

When associating contacts with a File you can select from your current Outlook contacts or add new ones. Any edits to contact details are updated automatically on the files so you never have to worry about outdated contact information.

You’ll also notice that at the bottom of each of your contacts is a listing of which files they are associated with. You can view the file details with just a click.

Credenza works with your Outlook contact list, so you always know where to find all the pertinent information about each and every one of your contacts.