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Credenza organizes your Outlook email, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes according to your client files or projects.

It organizes your documents, phone calls, billable time, expenses, research and any other information you want to track in the same client files, all within your familiar Outlook. The result? You can provide better client service, track more billable time and are much better organized. All of which helps you be more on top of your practice and sleep better at night.

Credenza does all this for you for FREE!

Why is it free? Because we have so much confidence you will love Credenza, we believe that once you try it, you will want to do even more. And it can. Upgrading to Credenza Pro will turn it into a full firm-wide practice management solution, with collaboration tools, cloud document management, integrated billing and much more.

Best of all, Credenza does all this in the Outlook you already know. It builds on everything you have in and know about Outlook.

Each element of Outlook – email, calendaring, everything – is expanded by these new dimensions. Credenza also adds new areas to Outlook to manage them. Plus many, many more features.

It does all this in a way that you will appreciate. 

Easy to Use - Credenza is simple. It works just like Outlook, as part of Outlook. So you and your staff will be able to take advantage of it instantly. No training or downtime.

Secure & Reliable - You can depend on Credenza. It is ultra-secure, built in the best Microsoft technology and completely stable.

Our company has been developing practice management software for almost 20 years. We are gold certified Microsoft ISV partners and currently have over 250,000 customers for our products world-wide. Besides being based in Outlook, Credenza uses .NET 3.5 and SQL Server CE. Your Outlook data files are not touched as Credenza stores its data in a separate secure SQL CE database on your hard drive. If you license Pro, your central database is hosted on Windows Azure, which is Microsoft’s world-leading secure cloud platform. Credenza works whether you are connected to the Internet or not.

Incredible Value - Credenza Basic is FREE. Talk about value! If you want to work with other users and create a Team, use integrated Billing, or take advantage of the many other powerful features, you can license Pro. Credenza Pro is licensed for just $24.95 (US) per month for each user. And there’s no commitment – you can stop your subscription whenever you want. But you won’t want to – Credenza is a profitable investment that pays for itself and makes you money.

There are two versions of Credenza:

  • Basic - does all the basic practice management, and is FREE 
  • Pro - multi-user, integrated billing and many powerful features 

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You can depend on Credenza.

Basic Pro


Credenza Turns Outlook into a Professional Practice Management Tool

Credenza adds to Outlook the dimensions that professionals need to manage their practice. 

These include:

  • Client Files - Most professionals organize their work in files, with a separate file for each client/matter they are working on (variously referred to as projects, files, matters, clients, cases etc - depending on your profession - we'll call them 'files' in this overview). Credenza adds a Files module to Outlook. You can relate any Outlook item to a File. So in your Outlook calendar you can see which File each of your appointments is on. The same goes for Outlook emails, tasks and notes. Contacts can be related to multiple Files. Besides seeing these in all their normal places in Outlook, you can also open up the File itself, and there review all the Outlook items that relate to that File. This makes it very much more helpful at organizing yourself by client file. And it becomes even more powerful because Credenza adds to that the ability to organize your documents, phone calls, research and time entries in the same files, plus custom fields of information.
  • Time Sheets - Credenza adds to Outlook the ability to track professional time by File. You can record a Time Entry with a single click from any Outlook item. So e.g. you can look through your email inbox, see which emails you did time entries for and which not, and with a click do Time Entries for any that are missing. You can view a list of your time entries, edit or add new ones. A wonderful utility called the Time Entry Assistant looks at everything you have done in Outlook and flags things you might have forgotten to do time entries for. Time Entries can be included on invoices you send through Credenza or post electronically to almost any accounting system. When you take advantage of the billing capabilities in Credenza Pro you can also record expenses in Outlook. Keep track of any costs that you need to be able to pass on to your clients. Include expenses on invoices you send through Credenza.
  • Phone Calls - The Credenza Phone Calls module adds to Outlook the ability to track Phone Calls, voice mails and messages, and know which have to be called back, which have Time Entries and which do not. And again of course you can work with these in their separate module, or in the File they relate to.
  • Billing - Credenza Pro makes it easy to track all of the time and expenses for each of your clients, and with integrated billing capabilities it's simple to make sure you can get paid for all you do. Create invoices, record payments, manage retainer and trust accounts, track work-in-progress and more. With just a click you can send out an invoice for all the work you've done for your clients. See what you are owed, and for how long. Send out reminder statements to anyone who is slow. So you not only bill more easily, you collect more too.
  • Collaboration - Credenza Pro turns Outlook into multi-user practice management. Information can be shared with one or more other Credenza users, while personal information in your Outlook remains private. Everything on your Files is shared with those who are assigned to them, including emails and documents, so you and your colleagues work together more effectively. In addition your assistant can manage your calendar, you can assign tasks to a colleague, take phone messages for others, and much more. Credenza is ideal for you and your assistant, your workgroup or your entire firm.


“Credenza ... is uniquely impressive. If you want to take Outlook to the level of a professional practice management system, it’s the only way to go.”

Jared D. Correia, Law Practice Management Advisor, Massachusetts LOMAP 
Law Practice Today – The webzine of the ABA Law Practice Management Section, March 2010.