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Organize your calendar, tasks, email, documents, research, phone calls, notes, billable time and more according to your client matter files or projects.

Credenza is especially helpful if you bill for your time. With Credenza you can easily track time as you work. Credenza lets you recapture lost billable hours stolen by email and bill for any activities in Outlook.

Upgrade to Credenza Pro to take advantage of integrated billing, the ability to share information with other users, and much more.

Credenza is simple, easy and with the basic version, completely free.

Manage Files / Projects / Clients

Most professionals organize their work in files, with a separate file for each client or matter they are working on. Depending on your profession, you might refer to these files as projects, matters, clients, cases, briefs or something else. Here we'll call them 'Files' – you can call them what you like in Credenza.

Track Time

As a professional, your time is important to you. You spend a lot of time in Outlook, so Credenza adds to Outlook a Time Sheets feature to help you track your time. You can use this feature to do instant Time Entries for any of your Outlook activities, plus record your time for everything else you are doing as well.

Record Phone Calls

Unlike an email, talking on the phone doesn’t leave a written record of itself. Credenza has changed this with the Phone Calls feature. Credenza makes it easy for you to keep notes of calls and store them in the Files they relate to. It automatically times Phone Calls for billing purposes, and helps you manage your voice mails and phone messages as well.

Messages and Callbacks

Credenza can help keep track of voice mail and unreturned messages. If you get a voice mail you want to remember to call back later, you can use the Callback feature in Credenza. In the Phone Call window, check the box beside Callback Required to indicate the need for a follow-up call or if your call was not answered.

Integrate Contacts

Credenza works with and expands the functionality of all your existing Outlook contacts. Your Files in Credenza will display the related contacts and the role they play on each. Contacts can be associated to multiple Files, so there is never a need to duplicate any contact details.

Organize Email

Credenza was designed to work seamlessly within Outlook, including managing the flow of email that is probably a big part of your day. An important element of Credenza is how incoming and outgoing email messages can be associated to Files and how Time Entries can be recorded for each.

Manage Appointments

Credenza makes the Outlook calendar much more helpful. When you associate your Outlook appointments to your Credenza Files, you add a whole new dimension to each item in your calendar. You can instantly see what project or matter each appointment relates to. Just click on the File name to open it up and see all the background.

Deal with Tasks

Credenza enhances the way you work with Outlook tasks in a similar way to appointments and email as described above. Your tasks have extra dimensions through their association with Files, and when they are completed you can do a Time Entry for them automatically or with a single click.

Manage Documents

Credenza also allows you to track all the documents related to a File. It is tremendously useful to have all your documents in the same place as all your emails, appointments and other items relating to each File.

Track Notes

Outlook notes are a handy way to record miscellaneous information so that it isn’t lost. The notes look a lot like the colorful sticky notes that you might have stuck to your desk or monitor. With Credenza these notes are now much more useful because they too can be organized by File and used to create Time Entries.

Do Research

Credenza makes it easy to do research and store the details in the Files they relate to. When placed alongside all your emails, appointments and other items relating to each File, you see the complete picture. Need to cite references or resources for an ongoing file or project? Its all at your fingertips on the Research tab on the File.

View Chronology

One of the obvious advantages of adding a practice management system like Credenza to Outlook is that you can now look at your work from a file-centric perspective. Now you don’t just have a calendar full of appointments, or a long task list, but you have the ability to organize all of your activities by File.

Time Entry Assistant

Credenza makes it easy to create Time Entries for all of the work you do in Outlook. So easy that it can even do them for you automatically. But just in case you forget to do one, the handy Time Entry Assistant helps you make sure that no billable time gets lost.

Produce Reports

Credenza features numerous reports that allow you to view various cross-sections of your practice. Reports cover all of the essential elements in Credenza including Files, Time Entries and Phone Calls.

Create Custom Pages

While Credenza allows you to organize all the Outlook information, practice information like phone calls and time entries, and many background details about your various Files, there is often a need to track additional information above and beyond the standard fields. For this reason each Credenza File has a custom tab, where you can keep track of whatever extra information you want.

Local Searches

The Local Search will look across your Credenza records and all local Outlook contacts. This can be useful when taking on a new client. Or you can just use it as a broad search tool across multiple types of information. This tool is accessible from the Credenza menu in Outlook. In the window that appears you can choose to search on various contact, email, phone call and file fields.

Calculate Dates

Credenza includes a Date Calculator which can take into account statutory holidays and even jump right to the calculated date in your Outlook calendar.

Post Time to Accounting

Credenza makes it easy to create Time Entries as you work in Outlook. Once you are satisfied with your Time Entries, you can post them to your accounting system. “Posting” means that Credenza will send your accounting system an electronic file containing all of the details of your selected Time Entries.

Import Information

One of the most important things to do when setting up Credenza is to get your File list into it. After that you can add information as you go along and it will build on itself. Of course you can simply type in the names of your Files, but if you have a File list electronically you can save yourself time by importing it.

Encrypt Data

Once you begin using Credenza you’ll find just how invaluable it is to your practice. To safeguard your vital practice information the entire Credenza database is encrypted. This ensures that it cannot be accessed by anyone outside of Credenza.

Upgrade to Pro

Credenza Pro includes all features of Basic, plus the ability to share information and work in a team, integrated billing capabilities and much more. When you choose Credenza Pro, you have all of the basic practice management capabilities in Credenza Basic, plus so much more. Credenza Pro turns Outlook into a true multi-user practice management and billing system.