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When you choose Credenza Pro, you have all of the basic practice management capabilities in Credenza Basic, plus so much more. Credenza Pro turns Outlook into a true multi-user practice management and billing system.

Set up a Team, and information about your professional practice can be shared with one or more other Credenza Pro users, while personal information in your Outlook remains private. Everything on your files is shared with those assigned to the files, so that you and your colleagues can work together more effectively. This includes emails that anyone on the file has sent or received, appointment and task details, contacts, documents and everything else.

With Credenza Pro, your Team can be any combination of people who work together: you and your assistant, your workgroup, or an entire firm of hundreds of people. When configured for a Team, Credenza uses a central database to keep all the users up to date. This means you can connect to and work with others anywhere in the world, as long as they can access the Internet. Share documents via the web, work together on common files, and much more, all from right inside Outlook.

With the integrated billing capabilities, Credenza Pro lets you send out invoices right from Outlook. In addition to tracking your time as in Credenza Basic, you can also record expenses, create draft bills, send invoices, track payments, monitor work-in-progress and much more. The integrated billing features are easy enough for anyone to use, and sophisticated enough to meet your firm's needs.

Click through the various categories in the list to see the other Credenza Pro functionality that is not available in Credenza Basic. Click here to see a listing of all of the features of Credenza Basic.

Shared Files

In Credenza Pro you can choose to create a Team to share information with other users. Once in a Team, Files can be shared amongst the other members. Any changes anyone makes are immediately updated on everyone else’s Credenza. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and can deal with client inquiries whenever they arise.


Credenza Pro simplifies File assignments with groups. When sharing with other users, if a File is assigned to a group, only members of that group will see the File and any of its associated items. Perhaps your Team has numerous practice areas, and your colleagues are working on Files that are not relevant to you.

Manage Documents

Credenza Pro takes document management to a new level in Outlook. If you are sharing with other users and your Team ever needs to refer to the same documents on a File, you will love what Credenza can do for you. With Credenza Pro you can organize your documents by File, and open them right from within Outlook.

Team Email

When working with other users, everyone assigned to a File can see all the emails that relate to the File, no matter which Team member sent or received those emails. This includes both the email message and any attachments.

Group Scheduling

Credenza Pro makes it easy to do group scheduling without the need for Microsoft Exchange. When working with other users, any appointments associated with a File are shared with all of the people who have access to that File. You can see a separate shared calendar for each of the people in your Team showing all of their appointments on shared Files.

Common Address Book

Credenza Pro lets you share contact details with fellow team members. All contacts on Files you share are synchronized with the other users. Credenza Pro makes it so much easier to keep track of people on a team-wide basis. And if someone's contact details change, only one person needs to put in the changes, and everyone will get them.

Record Time for Others

If you bill for your time, Credenza Pro makes it easy to track how all of your time is spent. You can also have another Team member record Time Entries on your behalf so that they show up on your Time Sheets list. For example, your assistant can create a Time Entry for something you do. You can see it in your list and edit it if you want.

Track Expenses

In Credenza Pro the Time Sheets module is renamed Time & Expenses. This expanded module allows you to see all client expenses alongside your time entries. With the billing capabilities in Credenza Pro, you can include all of your time entries and expenses on invoices you send to your clients.

Shared Tasks and Notes

Managing a File is easier when you can create time lines for everyone involved. Credenza Pro helps you do this. When working with other users, all tasks on a File for any Team member can be seen on the File. You can assign tasks to others, check their completion status and balance workloads as required. It's as easy as simply dragging a task onto someone's name.

Take Messages

With Credenza Pro, when you setup a Team you can easily take phone messages for others you work with. Anyone who takes a call can assign a callback to another Team member. So for example your assistant can take a call while you are out and mark you as the person who needs to make the callback. When you return to the office you’ll see it in your list of callbacks.

Send Invoices

Credenza Pro includes a Billing module where you see all draft bills, invoices and payments with numerous filtering options along the top. The sophisticated billing capabilities are incredibly easy to use and work just like the other areas of Credenza.

Track Payments

Credenza Pro makes it easy to send out invoices that include all your time entries and expenses right from Outlook. It is also easy to record the payments for these invoices as they come in. Credenza lets you enter individual payments or to pay off multiple invoices from a single payment.

Manage Trust Accounts

When you take advantage of the billing capabilities in Credenza Pro you can manage trust accounts and meet your trust account obligations. Each of your client files includes a Trust tab where you can see all of the trust transactions related to each. Track incoming and outgoing trust transactions.

Track Retainer Balances

As a lawyer or other professional you may receive retainer money from your clients that you can use towards your future fees and expenses. Credenza makes it easy to enter initial retainer balances for each file, record a payment as a retainer deposit and can automatically apply the retainer to pay a bill if you wish.  

Monitor Work-in-Progress

Credenza Pro makes it easy to stay on top of all unbilled fees and expenses. The WIP view in the Billing Module provides all the necessary information at a glance so you know where you stand on each of your files. You can see the unbilled fee, expenses and total WIP for each, plus trust account balances as well as the date of the last invoice.

Batch Bill

The Billing capabilities in Credenza Pro make it easy to send out invoices to each of your clients. With the handy Batch Bill utility you can further automate the process to create multiple invoices all at the same time. The smart utility lets you look across clients or files, and you can restrict the list to include only entries that have unbilled time or expenses prior to a particular date.

Collection Assistant

Credenza Pro makes it easy to send out invoices and record payments as they are returned. Credenza also makes sure that you can follow up with any client who may have failed to pay in a timely manner. With the helpful Collection Assistant you can quickly see any files that have not had a payment recorded in a specified date range.

Full Text Search

When working in Credenza Pro, the Team Search capability provides instant full-text searching across your entire team database. This means any items associated with your shared files can be searched with ease, including Outlook appointments, tasks, emails (and attachments), contacts and notes, plus Credenza phone calls, time entries, expenses, bills and payments.

Personal Preferences

When working with other users in a Team, your individual preferences are maintained in the program so that you can work the way you want without impacting your colleagues. You can specify your own defaults, enter your own billing rate values, select your own time entry options and more.

Connect from Anywhere

Credenza Pro is a hybrid-cloud solution. When you work with other users in a Team, it synchronizes via the Internet, so as long as you can access the Internet you can stay connected with the other users. The synchronization happens behind the scenes to make sure that you are always up to date.

Privacy Options

With Credenza Pro you can be sure that your private information isn’t visible to other Team Members. If you have Files that you don't want anyone in the Team to be able to see you can simply make them Private. The Files and all associated items will remain private and will not be shared with the other members of your Team.


Your Credenza data is always secure. The Credenza Pro database resides locally on your computer and is fully encrypted to prevent unauthorized access to your information. Stored in a Microsoft SQL Compact Edition database, you know that all your information is secure.