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When you choose Credenza Pro, you have all of the basic practice management capabilities in Credenza Basic, plus so much more. Credenza Pro turns Outlook into a true multi-user practice management and billing system.

Set up a Team, and information about your professional practice can be shared with one or more other Credenza Pro users, while personal information in your Outlook remains private. Everything on your files is shared with those assigned to the files, so that you and your colleagues can work together more effectively. This includes emails that anyone on the file has sent or received, appointment and task details, contacts, documents and everything else.

With Credenza Pro, your Team can be any combination of people who work together: you and your assistant, your workgroup, or an entire firm of hundreds of people. When configured for a Team, Credenza uses a central database to keep all the users up to date. This means you can connect to and work with others anywhere in the world, as long as they can access the Internet. Share documents via the web, work together on common files, and much more, all from right inside Outlook.

With the integrated billing capabilities, Credenza Pro lets you send out invoices right from Outlook. In addition to tracking your time as in Credenza Basic, you can also record expenses, create draft bills, send invoices, track payments, monitor work-in-progress and much more. The integrated billing features are easy enough for anyone to use, and sophisticated enough to meet your firm's needs.

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