Credenza makes the Outlook calendar much more helpful. When you associate your Outlook appointments to your Credenza Files, you add a whole new dimension to each item in your calendar. You can instantly see what project or matter each appointment relates to. Just click on the File name to open it up and see all the background. You can also do a Time Entry with a single click, or review the time you previously recorded for anything in your calendar.

There are multiple easy ways to associate appointments to files within the calendar: use the Credenza toolbar at the top, right-click on an appointment, or use the controls at the bottom of the appointment window. These controls appear in all of the various calendar views, so you can continue to work with your Outlook calendar as you always do.

Time Entries on Appointments
Credenza makes it easy to record the time spent for each of your appointments with a single click. When you create a Time Entry you’ll see that much of the information is automatically carried over from the appointment: duration, activity description, file and billing information are all provided, without you having to type a thing. You can of course make any necessary changes to your Time Entries until they have been posted to your accounting system.

Working with Appointments in Files
Opening the appointment tab in a File will display all of the appointments relating to that particular File. This provides a very useful cross-section of your calendar for each File you work on. View a historical record of events that have taken place along with any future ones scheduled in your calendar. The list also makes note of repeating events and all-day appointments so that you can see the complete picture.

Sharing Calendars
When using Credenza in a Team you can view the shared calendars of other users. For instance your assistant could view all of the appointments in your calendar that have been associated with a file. Even if you are out of the office your assistant can schedule an appointment for you. You’ll see that it has been added to your calendar when you get back to the office. Appointments can be moved from one person’s calendar to another simply by dragging and dropping. You can take advantage of these shared calendars with or without Microsoft Exchange.

Of course, you can still use meeting requests between members of your Team, but with the shared calendar you have a better idea of when another person may have some more time, or when they look completely booked out.

Credenza lets you work better as a team.

Mobile Calendar
Credenza also makes it easy to associate your appointments created on your smartphone with the appropriate File. Simply type in the name of the File into the notes field of the appointment on your phone. When the appointment goes into Outlook it will be added to that File. Of course if you don’t want to type the information in on the mobile device, you can always make the association with just a click when you next run Outlook.

Credenza turns your Outlook calendar into a key practice management tool.