Credenza also allows you to track all the documents related to a File. It is tremendously useful to have all your documents in the same place as all your emails, appointments and other items relating to each File.

If you have a folder on your computer or network where you keep the documents relating to a file, everything in that folder will appear within Credenza. In fact, you can see two folders for each File – one on your local drive, and one on your network. This helps when sharing documents with others. The document views work just like Windows explorer, so you can open documents, browse to other folders and copy and paste right from within a Credenza File.

Web Documents 
If you setup a Team, you can also enable the Web Documents option on Files to share documents via the web. Any documents you store under Web Documents will be saved to an online cloud storage so that everyone on your Team can see the most up to date version of relevant documents at all times, no matter where they are. You can have the documents automatically downloaded to each user or leave them accessible via the Internet. It is an incredible valuable tool that makes working remotely a snap.

The document views can list any type of electronic document. They might contain letters, powerpoints, images, PDFs, spreadsheets, you name it. Because the tab acts like an explorer view of a folder, there’s no limit to the type or number of documents associated with your files.

Credenza provides a central location for accessing all of the documents related to each of your Files. You can be so much better organized when all your documents, plus everything else in Outlook, are all in the same place. Using the shared documents location also lets you collaborate and share information with the other members of your Team.