Credenza can help keep track of voice mail and unreturned messages. If you get a voice mail you want to remember to call back later, you can use the Callback feature in Credenza. In the Phone Call window, check the box beside Callback Required to indicate the need for a follow-up call or if your call was not answered.

When in a Team working with other Credenza users you can select who should do the Callback. If you take a message for a colleague you can specify who needs to return the call. In the main Phone Call list this call is now flagged as requiring a callback.

In the Phone Calls list you can filter to show only the calls that require a callback. Here you’ll see who the call was with, the relevant notes, the associated file, as well as the date and time. Open any one to view the details.

You can also create other activities from individual Phone Calls. Should you want to remind yourself to perform a follow-up task, click the Follow up button or select Follow up from the Actions menu in a call to create a new Task. All of the information from within the Phone Call will be carried over into a new task. All you need to do is specify the start or due date and your task is scheduled.

Credenza can help make sure that you have a historical record of all of your Phone Calls and will make sure that you never forget to return or follow-up on a client’s call.