Credenza was designed to work seamlessly within Outlook, including managing the flow of email that is probably a big part of your day. An important element of Credenza is how incoming and outgoing email messages can be associated to Files and how Time Entries can be recorded for each.

Credenza adds two new columns to the Outlook inbox. One displays the File that the message has been associated with, and the other indicates whether or not a Time Entry has been recorded for that particular message.

You can see at a glance what File any given email is on, and whether or not a Time Entry has been done. The Credenza toolbar at the top helps you do these tasks for any selected email, right there in the list. If you store your messages in saved mail folders you’ll see the same columns there as well.

When you open an email the options to associate it to a File and do a Time Entry are at the bottom of the Outlook email window.

Credenza makes it easy to associate an email to a File with a single click. Better yet, it gives you the option of setting future emails to or from the same email address to be automatically associated to the same File. So it can automatically organize your emails into the places they need to go, without you needing to do a thing!

Clicking on the email tab in a File will display all the email messages relating to that particular File – both sent and received in the sort order of your preference. By far the most useful way to track email correspondence! And of course you can work with these emails – or create new ones – in all the same ways as you can anywhere else in Outlook.

Inbox and Sent Items Control
Credenza can also help keep your inbox organized if you choose to enable inbox control. Based on the criteria you set, you can have Credenza automatically move recent messages from your inbox to the Credenza saved folder. You can also do the same with your sent items if you wish. These features are designed for people who may not typically organize their messages into sub-folders within the inbox, but all users will enjoy the benefits of a tidier and more organized inbox.

Automatic Time Entries 
Credenza can also create automatic Time Entries for messages you send out. Or if you prefer, you can have it remind you to do a Time Entry whenever you send a message to a contact on a File. Of course you can turn off the feature altogether if you don’t generally want to do Time Entries for your email.

Email is an integral part of your day, and Credenza allows you to stay on top of it in ways you need to as a busy professional.