Credenza makes it easy to create Time Entries as you work in Outlook. Once you are satisfied with your Time Entries, you can post them to your accounting system. “Posting” means that Credenza will send your accounting system an electronic file containing all of the details of your selected Time Entries. Your accounting system then imports the file and you never have to worry about the duplication of entry of data.

You can post a list of entries at once from the Time Sheets list, or one at a time if you prefer.

Once posted, Time Entries remain visible in Credenza, but their icons change, so you know they have already been sent to accounting. Time Entries cannot be posted twice, so you won’t accidentally double-bill for your work.

To make it easier for your accounting system to do the import, you can set up a template that configures the format of your posted time. Credenza comes with pre-set templates for QuickBooks, Timeslips and PCLaw. If you use a different accounting system, an easy wizard will walk you though setting up the template so that all of the information as required by your accounting system is included.

Credenza helps you to bill for all of your time. With automatic entries for many activities, you know that nothing slips through the cracks. And with the ability to post your time to your accounting system you know that your bills will get out with all of the correct information.