Unlike an email, talking on the phone doesn’t leave a written record of itself. Credenza has changed this with the Phone Calls feature. Credenza makes it easy for you to keep notes of calls and store them in the Files they relate to. It automatically times Phone Calls for billing purposes, and helps you manage your voice mails and phone messages as well. It’s easy to create Time Entries right from your Phone Calls.

From the Phone Calls list you can view all your calls with a variety of sorting options. As well as seeing who the phone call was with, you can see your notes, the date it happened, the File associated with the call and whether this call requires a callback or a time entry to be done. When sharing information in a Team, you can also see Phone Calls that your colleagues have entered if they have been associated to Files. Your assistant can also take a message for you and add it as a callback that you need to make.

Phone Calls on Files
As described above, all activities can be associated to the relevant client file or project. Clicking onto the Phone Calls tab in a File will display all of the phone call notes relating to that particular File. Distinguish between incoming and outgoing calls, review the notes, or open any one to see more details.

Making Phone Calls 
Credenza makes it easy to record the notes of incoming and outgoing phone calls. The new Phone Call record has a similar look and feel to the ones you’re already familiar with in Outlook. New Phone Calls can be created a number of ways, including from the ‘New’ button at the top of the Outlook toolbar, from the Phone Calls list, from a contact on a File, or even by using a keyboard shortcut.

Whenever a new Phone Call is created the timer is started automatically so that you can record the duration of the call. You can specify whether it was an incoming or outgoing call and indicate the person or people on the call by selecting from your list of Outlook contacts. The Phone Call displays the phone number, the status or the call, and if a callback is required. You’ll also see the date and time of the call, and when finished, you can stop the timer. At the bottom of the window you can associate the Phone Call with a File, and do a Time Entry.

With the integrated Outlook dialing capabilities you can have Credenza dial the call for you with just a click.

At the end of a call you can create a Time Entry with the click of a button. Credenza fills in most of the information for you, and the Time Entry is linked back to the Phone Call. If you’ve forgotten to create a time entry for the call Credenza can automatically create one for the call, or simply remind you to do so when you save and close the new Phone Call.

Credenza helps you stay on top of all your phone calls. Whether you left a message, were on a conference call, or returned someone else’s message, Credenza makes it easy to keep track of all the details.