Your Credenza data is always secure.

The Credenza Pro database resides locally on your computer and is fully encrypted to prevent unauthorized access to your information. Stored in a Microsoft SQL Compact Edition database, you know that all your information is secure.

When you join a Team, a central database facilitates the synchronization with the other users. Each Team has its own central database hosted in a secure Microsoft Data Center. Using the latest Microsoft technologies, the database is maintained in Windows Azure™, a secure cloud services operating system.

Windows Azure

Windows Azure offers cutting-edge performance, security and efficiency in a cloud-based environment. With near 100% guaranteed uptime, your Credenza Team will always be up to date.

Windows Azure is used around the world in over 40 countries. Banks, government agencies, and companies such as 3M, Siemens, Microsoft, General Mills, Intuit, VeriSign and Lockheed Martin all use Windows Azure to host mission critical information. You can rest assured that your Credenza data in the cloud is in good company.

Backed by Microsoft and touted as the platform for the next technology revolution, Windows Azure is ideal for hosting your central database. The environment is also immensely scalable so that you can add Team members as your firm's needs grow.

256-Bit Encryption

Credenza uses bank-grade encryption technologies to ensure your data is secure. Windows Azure provides for the stable and secure delivery of the information you choose to share with the members of your Team. All information transferred between Team members and the central database is protected with 256-bit encryption. Any information stored in the cloud is also secured with 256-bit encryption. The local database on your computer is stored in Microsoft SQL CE which itself if also guarded with 256-bit encryption.

Peace of Mind

With the numerous levels of encryption and with the security and reliability of Windows Azure, you can sleep better at night knowing that your Credenza information is well protected and accessible when and where you need it.