Credenza makes it easy to create Time Entries for all of the work you do in Outlook. So easy that it can even do them for you automatically. But just in case you forget to do one, the handy Time Entry Assistant helps you make sure that no billable time gets lost.

The Time Entry Assistant displays a list of all your Outlook activities where no time entry has yet been recorded – incoming and outgoing email, appointments, completed tasks, notes and phone calls. Set the range of time you want it to look at, and it will show them all. Review the list, and with a single click you can create that missing Time Entry.

The list can be limited to just those items that have been associated to Files, or it can include everything. You can make the appropriate file associations at the same time as you create the Time Entries. Flexibility to work the way you want – and still bill all your time.

Of course there may be items in the list that really don’t require a Time Entry. Perhaps you had a dentist appointment blocked off on the calendar, or you sent an email to your friend. With a simple right-click you can specify that a time entry was not necessary for that particular item. This ensures that only billable items will appear on the list, allowing you to quickly scan and make Time Entries where necessary.

If you bill for your time, then the Time Entry Assistant is an invaluable tool that will help you bill for all of your time for any activity that is reflected in Outlook.