Outlook notes are a handy way to record miscellaneous information so that it isn’t lost. The notes look a lot like the colorful sticky notes that you might have stuck to your desk or monitor. With Credenza these notes are now much more useful because they too can be organized by File and used to create Time Entries.

Credenza adds two new columns to the Outlook list views of notes. One column shows the File that the note relates to, and the other indicates whether or not a Time Entry has been recorded for it.

Use the toolbar at the top to associate the notes will Files and to create Time Entries, or simply right-click onto one to take action.

Notes on Files
Opening the notes tab in a File will display all of the notes relating to that particular File. This provides a great way to organize your notes for each File you work on. The list shows you all the note details along with their creation dates, or you can open any note to view it complete details.

Taking advantage of the notes feature and associating them with Files helps to ensure that you have all the pertinent information about your clients in one place. You don’t need to worry about losing that little piece of paper with the note on it, and now you can even create instant Time Entries for anything you put into a note.