One of the obvious advantages of adding a practice management system like Credenza to Outlook is that you can now look at your work from a file-centric perspective. Now you don’t just have a calendar full of appointments, or a long task list, but you have the ability to organize all of your activities by File. With Credenza you can go back and review everything that has taken place relating to a certain File. You can also see what is coming up.

Chronology on Files
Clicking onto the Chronology tab on a File will list in order everything that has taken place and is scheduled for the File. All appointments, tasks, email messages, notes phone calls and time entries together in one place – in chronological order. You’ll see the type of activity, the subject or notes, and who they were with. Simply open any of the activities to see the complete details.

The chronology provides an at-a-glance listing of everything that is taking place on the File. Get the complete picture, and provide even better service to your clients with your improved organization.