Get a Single Point of Contact, and Additional Key Benefits, with a TAM

Your Technical Account Manager ("TAM") is standing by to answer any technology questions you may have, and give recommendations on how you can get the most out of your AbacusNext products and services. Maximize your investment and contact our trusted technology experts today. Explore additional benefits below:

  • Dedicated Advisor

Trusted Advisor

Single point of contact for any questions, service requests, or technical incidents.

  • SLA


One hour acknowledgement and correspondence of service requests and technical incidents.

  • Escalated Priority


Requests rise directly to Tier 2, with importance classified as ‘High’ or ‘Urgent’.

  • Monitoring & Alerts


View status reports and notifications for private cloud environments.

Value Added Services

  • Custom Email Address for Urgent Contacts

You will receive dedicated email distribution list to contact key stakeholders such as Technical Account Managers, the VP of Technology Infrastructure, and the CTO.

  • Exchange Administration

Your TAM can help with creating distribution lists, setting up email aliases, e-discovery email archiving, and more.

  • Custom Reporting

Prepares and reviews the following custom reports on a quarterly basis:

• Resource Allocation & Utilization detailing how your business is using products and services.

• Capacity Planning detailing current trends and future resource requirements and projections.

• Data Utilization detailing the total amount of data storage in use, with a breakdown of where the data is being used.

• CyberSecurity Assessment ($500 Value) from our cloud experts, reviewing and providing feedback on your local and cloud infrastructure.

• Bandwidth and Web Browsing detailing how and what websites are being accessed on a regular basis.

  • Virtual Chief Technology Officer (VCTO)

The VCTO assists with designing, implementing, measuring and maintaining all aspects of IT systems to ensure that IT systems are functioning with the maximum performance, accuracy, reliability, and availability.

• Keep up-to-date on technology trends, standards and compliance regulations.

• Ensure that technical infrastructure is well-planned and effectively supported.

• Provide assistance with decision-making on all technology-related matters.

• Identify trends that could impact business.

  • Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO)

The VCIO assists with developing a strategy that leverages technology to improve business, setting standards and metrics for usage and keeping an eye on the future for new opportunities.

• Works with clients to plan a technology roadmap, identify opportunities to use new technology tools.

• Facilitates communication between staff, vendors, and technology resources within the client organization.

• Provide planning, budgeting, and strategic direction to clients regarding information technology and systems.

• Continuously develop the technology strategy to ensure it aligns with the objectives of the business.

Limited Time Offers - Waived Activation

Two-Factor Authentication
($200 value)

Further protect your investments by implementing multi factor authentication across your environment.


Email Encryption
($600 value)

Through Office 365 or Exchange based email systems, email encryption provides an additional layer of end to end security.


Local Sophos Endpoint Antivirus & Malware Protection
($250 value)

While your data is protected in Abacus Private Cloud, ensure your local environments are secured as well with Sophos Endpoint.

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