Get paid your way.

From personalized invoices to billing -- including flexible billing, mass billing, e-billing, and daily billing reminders -- all working for you.

Personalized, Professional Invoices

Put together invoices that show your clients who you really are. Our case management software generates professional, polished invoices for any fee arrangement and billing schedule.

Our billing and invoicing are completely configurable. Everything from your chart of accounts to the format of your bills, fee arrangements, and billing schedules are flexible and customizable to meet your needs.

Want to add your logo? Add it. Have a favorite font? You got it. Want specific wording? Write it. Need a new layout? Create it. You have the ability to make the invoice yours.

Features include:

  • All fee schedules and billing arrangements supported, including hourly, flat fee, contingency, monthly, annually and scheduled flat fee
  • Edit prebills on screen
  • Interim statements: Send interim reminder statements half way through the billing period to encourage prompt payments
  • Past due notices: Automatically calculate a late charge based on a user-defined percentage
  • Electronic billing: Generate an actual bill in LEDES 1998B format
  • Split billing: Select a matter, then define the sub-client/matters to be billed, with assigned percentages of fees and costs
  • Integrated credit card and ACH processing

Flexible Billing

Managing your billing processes effectively is the key to running a profitable firm. Our case management software keeps you right on top of your billing activities at all times. And it’s so easy you won’t even realize you are billing. You can bill from anywhere – get it done where you want to.

You can bill files on paper, by email, one at a time or en-masse and use hourly, fixed fee, e-billing, task-based billing, or contingency billing too. Split billing helps you divide a bill as required by multiple clients. And you’ll save time with consolidated billing for clients with multiple files. The simple billing structure makes it easy to review and edit entries on draft bills before finalizing them. Once they’re sent, pdf bill images are kept on each file, so you can see exactly what the client receives.

Customizable bill layouts ease the stress of billing – set up as many as you want, choose which one you want for which clients, then just click and go!

You’ll reduce the risk of delinquent accounts by having the billing status at your fingertips while you work. And you’ll provide better customer service to your clients by being able to respond to queries about their balances quickly and accurately at all times.

The result is faster, easier and more efficient billing for your entire firm.


Mass Billing

It’s a fact that billing clients regularly results in more collected revenue and fewer client issues than billing at the end of a case. Bill all open files or pick the list you want. Tell us how you want the bills to be drafted, then generate them all with a single click.

You can mass bill directly from your client list, file list or select different criteria by which to bill by such as; responsible lawyer, file type, and billing category. Have us go through all your files and bill only those that have a minimum WIP balance, or choose to bill files that have an outstanding balance and more.

When the bills are created, each file’s billing preferences will automatically apply. If you have flat fee or contingency cases they will bill according to the way you have set up the file. You don’t have to do this manually. Send your bills to Draft where they can be reviewed and edited or send them directly to Final where they can be printed and/or emailed to your clients.

Automated mass billing gets your bills out quicker, easier, and more accurately.



Many insurance companies and banks require their law firm to submit invoices electronically using UTBMS codes in prescribed formats. Our billing lets you designate files as E-Billing and have time and expense entries configured to capture all the information you need to create e-bills.

The automation ensures your e-bills are created quickly and accurately, minimizing the review of your e-bills by third party bill vendors so you get paid faster. Supported E-Bill formats include LEDES 1998B, LAS and Chubb.


Daily Billing Reminders

We provide daily proactive billing reminders that help you know what you need to do to keep the financial side of your practice healthy.

Each day the program will sweep your clients, files, and invoices, and alert you about things like files accumulating too much WIP, or have WIP that’s getting old, files that are overdue for billing or A/R that is overdue for payment.

With a click, you get full information and can act on it. It’s like having a full-time billing clerk – in your PC!