In these competitive times, your clients want to feel more connected and in control of their legal work. With the Amicus Client Portal, they will.

The Amicus Client Portal gives you the ability to easily share information electronically with clients, so you can work faster, more collaboratively and demonstrate value to your clients.

Your clients will be able to use a browser to log into a secure entry point as part of the legal services you provide them. The portal is branded for your firm, so it looks exclusive to you. And because all the data resides on your own server, you, and your clients, can have peace of mind that your data is safe and protected.

Are your clients constantly asking you for file updates? With a few simple clicks, your clients can view and download documents, see their file, provide commentary or instructions and upload relevant information. This is a mutually beneficial time-saver that brings efficiency to an entirely new level. Your clients will love it, and be all the more impressed with your firm.

Of course, nothing gets exposed on the Client Portal unless you want it to be, and clients can only access it if you invite them to.