Made for the modern firm.

Say "Hello!" to AbacusLaw MessageSlips, a built-in employee-only instant messaging system that allows teammates to communicate within the program. MessageSlips works like your favorite instant messaging programs, so communication is made easy - simply click and chat one-on-one, or expand to include multiple people. No matter where you are, your coworkers and teammates are at your fingertips. IM about important cases, catch-up with your team, or send messages to a out-of-office colleague - all within a single program.

With MessageSlips, you can also:

  • Improve productivity: MessageSlips™ is limited to only AbacusLaw users so employees can’t converse with friends and family
  • Increase communication: See who is currently in the office and immediately send and receive text messages with all other users
  • Stay organized: Create notes from important messages to be saved to matter and client files
  • Don’t lose messages: Send colleagues messages who are out of the office and even schedule call back reminders