Centrally organize your entire case including all events, contacts, documents, emails and notes so the information you need is always at your fingertips.

Features include:

  • Global search lets you search and find all case details instantly
  • Store, organize and retrieve an unlimited amount of information for each case
  • Add unlimited fields to your screens
  • Access case information from your smart phone or tablet
  • Get a chronological overview of all case activities
  • Create and track lists of actions
  • Automate court form and document production

Custom Matter Screens

Matter screens come with fields for basic information such as name, address, telephone number and email. You can easily add any other fields as your matters dictate. Need to track someone’s license plate number? Add a field for that. Want to track the names of your client’s children? Birthdays? The possibilities are endless. Let our Professional Services team design and build custom contact screens for you so you always have the important information you need at your fingertips.