Client matters are the building blocks of your practice – you open a file for each. Everything you do and everything you bill revolves around these files. Amicus Attorney understands this.

It makes all your files and all the file content instantly accessible, better organized and much easier to use. By just clicking on a file you can see all the associated people, documents, emails, appointments, tasks, research, time spent, phone calls and more – or a complete chronology of everything.

Draft documents. Plan the next steps. Review the history. Report to your client. Quickly produce different types of status reports. Customize your own pages of information to track whatever you need in your practice. You can even save some or all of the steps of a typical transaction as a “precedent” to re-use next time you have a similar case. Or link events according to the legal rules.

Name and Matter Screen Design

Gain control over the information you collect, how you see it on screen, and what you can do with it. Whether adding custom fields, summary screens, calculations, extra databases or customizing the layout and design, you’ll see your important information where and how you want it.

Everything is at your fingertips with Amicus Attorney, the legal practice management software with the mobility of the cloud in a desktop product.