What can fly without wings? Time.

And with our time tracking and capture capabilities, you’ll be flying through your day without missing a second. Our case management systems are always in the background, keeping track of what you are doing. Read more about how our time tracking capabilities can help you below.

Time and Fees

Our case management software provides unified time and fee management to help streamline client billing. Record your time quickly, easily, and accurately. Have different billing rates and billing behavior of time entries automatically apply to files and have as many billable rates per timekeeper as you want. And when you're done, have them automatically apply to the correct file.

You can also control the billing behavior of time as it is entered. Typing shortcuts let you insert standard phrases or entire paragraphs with a few keystrokes. See how much you have invested in the case or what the client owes you as you enter time – so you can know if you should be collecting before you do anything more. You’ll reduce the risk of delinquent accounts by having the billing status at your fingertips while you work.

Billing Supervisors can see the time and fees for all users making it easy to review and analyze time over any date range, group of timekeepers or type of work before billing. When it’s time to bill, you can be confident that everyone’s time entries are in the system – because it’s one system. And if someone has unposted time, the billing supervisor can even post that time for them. So billing will never get held up again because someone forgot to post their time.

Better time recording means higher billing and more profits

While you work, our programs keep track of time in the background, so you can bill more time, more easily. Create new time entries with handy shortcuts, far easier than scribbling them out on paper. Use the floating timer toolbar if you like – it’s available in any application. Send time entries electronically to your accounting system, so time gets to accounting faster, more accurately, and without anyone having to retype it.

Ensure that bills never go out without all your time on them. See the time on a file. See cross-sections of your time by activity, file type, date range and more. Review your time by day, week, month or year, and be alerted when you have forgotten time entries. 

Even if you don’t bill for your time, you need to know how productive your staff is and what they’re working on so you can make informed business decisions for your firm. So don’t let time fly by – track it with our capture feature instead!

Other features include:

  • Be alerted when you have forgotten time entries
  • Bill buttons throughout the platform help you bill your clients as you work so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Check out how your billable hours compare with your goals for the year
  • Create time entries using shortcuts
  • Review your time by day, week, month or year. Be alerted when you have forgotten time entries
  • See cross-sections of your time by activity, file type, date range and more
  • Send time entries directly to your accounting system or accountant faster, more accurately, and without having to retype them
  • Timers ensure that time is recorded accurately and completely for each activity
AbacusLaw Legal Time Tracking Software Captures Billable Time for Lawyers