Trust in the only Trust Accounting programs that exceed all bar association requirements.

Manage retainers, trust accounts, and meet trust account obligations with both AbacusLaw and Amicus Attorney. At a glance, view all activity and account for every dollar across multiple trust accounts.

Our job is to make your job easy, so we designed our solutions to allow retainers to be linked to either trust accounts or in the firm’s operating account ( as a General Retainer). Better yet, make applying retainers to your bills almost automatic, so you can be paid as soon as the bill is issued.

  • Save time by creating and allocating transactions to many files at once
  • Manage all trust accounts in one place, or work on them separately within the related client or file record
  • Select options ensure you never overdraw on a client’s trust balance, giving you peace of mind
  • Trust balances can be used to automatically pay for new charges at billing and appear on the client’s bill
  • Even request minimum trust retainer balances for files and have the replenishment request appear on the bill
  • Transfer trust funds between files, or apply funds to bills when appropriate 
  • Create detailed trust ledgers
  • Apply trust monies directly to bill automatically
  • Multiple trust checking accounts
  • Multiple matters on one trust check
  • Interest distribution for interest-bearing accounts
  • Bank reconciliation ties to trust ledgers for balancing
  • Integrated with time & billing
  • Integrated with General Ledger
  • Optional recap of trust transactions printed to the bill

All of this is possible - with just a few clicks